Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between DCW PVC Resin and other PVC resin ?
    DCW PVC is made from Vinyl Chloride Monomer(VCM). VCM is polymerised in stainless steel reactors,in the presence of suspending agents and catalyst under pressure. Polymersied PVC is slurry which is stripped to recover last traces of Monomer, centrifuged and dried.

  • What are typical uses of PVC Resin ?
    Agriculture: Rigid Pressure Pipes, Irrigation Pipes , Casing Pipes , Corrugated Pipes , Suction Pipes , Flexible Pipes & Tubings , Pipe Fittings
    Building & Construction: , Doors , Windows , Plumbing Pipes & Fittings , SWR Pipes & Fittings , Electrical Conduits , Corrugated Roofings , Venetian Blinds , House Sidings , Fencing
    Electronics & Electrical: , Electrical Conduits & Fittings , Cable Trays , Wire & Cables , Electrical Switches Parts , Key Boards , Floppy Disc Jackets , Components in phone system , Housing for Computer, TV.
    Automotive: , Body Side Moulding , Windshield components , Interior Upholstery , Under the car abrasion coating , Floor mats , Dash board, Armrests
    Medical: , Surgical Gloves , Blood bags , IV Fluid bags , Tubings , Heart Catheters

  • What are the current prices for PVC Resin ? PVC is an extremely volatile commodity. Prices of PVC Resin depends lot on international raw material prices and trends. Kindly use the feedback form for the latest quotation.

  • How big is the Indian PVC Market ? India is one of the largest PVC Market in the world, with annual turnover of 30%.

  • Who are the largest manufactureres of PVC in India ? Reliance Industries ltd, DCW ltd, DCM Shriram , Finolex are few of the largest manufactureres of PVC Resin in india.

  • Do you (M.K. Industries) export PVC and other polymers ? Yes. Kindly mention the quantity and destination in the feedback form and we'll send you our quotation for export ex-nhava sheva. Delivery time for imported goods are 1-2 days on clearance.

  • What are the typical delivery period for PVC Resin once we place the order ? DCW Resin gets dispatched from Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu in South India. Typically it takes 4 days for goods to arrive in Daman or maharashtra and 5 days to reach Gujarat once the order is placed. This may vary depending upon the availabilty and market conditions.